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Cloud Experience – 10GB Cloud Storage With Multi Device Sync

Dropbox is the one service that made cloud storage popular, sure there was Google and its cloud but Dropbox had more to offer and since then cloud storage services have been popping up like mushrooms with little to offer, except perhaps 1 or 2GBs of extra space. Needless to say that very few of these services could actually rival Dropbox but Cloud Experience is a cloud storage service that comes very close. Not only does it offer 10GB of free storage space and syncing across different computers but also has an app for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and works on both Windows and Mac platform. Add to that the fact that the interface is much better than that of Dropbox and you have a fairly good rival.


If you talk features, Cloud Experience is only better than Dropbox because of its 10GB of storage, desktop syncing is definitely slow compared to Dropbox but the interface is far better. Compared to Dropbox’s web and app interface, Cloud Experience is better no matter which device you use it from and is easier to use.

CX Files View

Cloud Experience lets you add files and share them with anyone; you can share a single file or multiple files by selecting them and clicking on the Share icon. The Group Actions dropdown allows you to tag, move or delete files in groups.

CX share files

To upload a file, click the Upload Files button and choose a file (or files) and hit Upload. You can upload multiple files at the same time but upload takes longer for larger files. You can create folders in the existing set of folders that come with your account or create a new root folder by clicking the New Folder button. To sync your files to your desktop, download and install the desktop application.

CX Preferences folder

The desktop application adds a folder Cloud to your desktop and syncs all files to it however, you can set up different devices and folders to monitor on each device and system for any new uploads. The desktop device still has a few kinks in it and syncing can often freeze. To view files in queue or ones that are currently syncing, click the icon in the system tray and select Preferences. File details are visible in the General tab.


The service has an app for both Android and iPhone. You can view and upload files on both devices using the respective apps.The service covers every feature available in Dropbox and it has a more appealing user interface. Given that it can improve it’s syncing feature so that it’s smoother and fix the bugs in the desktop application, it can be a worth using service with its 10GB of storage.

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  • Joseph Bleau

    Looks good. Despite having signed up my friends to DropBox, I am pressed for space. One “drawback” that you should have mentioned is that CX Free contains ads.

  • Meena Bassem

    reminds me of my.cl.ly and box.net
    thanks for sharing

  • Franck

    Nice, Have you tried idrive and their offer of 5 to 50 GB for free ?

  • Alison

    Stay away from box.net if you have users with offline files enabled. It crashes Windows Explorer and anything that uses it (with is everything)

  • awraynor

    Wow this is getting to be a crowded space. I left Dropbox due to the security issues. Trying Wuala and so far so good. Might give this a look, I usually need less than 10GB.

  • tolis

    ownCloud is an open source project for private cloud file access.
    Still in development but promising.

    source: http://multipetros.blogspot.com/2011/08/owncloud-freedom-of-your-data.html