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Collaborate And Manage Small Projects Online With CoHuman

CoHuman is a simple project management web service for small teams. It lets you and your team members monitor and track all tasks for a project. The free version of the service lets you enter an unlimited number of projects, gives you 1GB storage space for your files, allows all members to collectively track tasks, automatically sets priority of all tasks entered for a particular project and gives members real time notifications of any changes in tasks.

In order to use CoHuman, you need to signup for an account or you can integrate the service with your Gmail account. Regardless of what email account you use, CoHuman integrates all notifications with your email. Members can post comments on tasks, track the history of a particular task, assign it someone or mark it as a subtask to an existing task.

cohuman main interface

You have to enter at least one project when you sign up, adding project members at this stage is optional. To add additional projects after signing up, click New next to Projects in the left panel. To add members to a project, select the project and click the purple ‘add members’ button.

cohuman activity with contacts

Creating a task is simple; to create a task for yourself start typing the name of the task in your personal panel or click the green plus sign. To create a task for a project member; pick the project from the left panel and click on members. All members of that project will be listed. Click the member you want to create a task for and a new panel will open showing task history for that person. Click the green plus button in the member’s panel and create the task.

You can track tasks either in the project window or by recent activity. The project window will give an overview of all tasks for the particular project, the recent activity will give an overview of all tasks for all projects in chronological order.

Once a task has been created, it can be assigned to a group member, a due date for the task can be set, the task can be added to a project. Files that are relevant to the task can be uploaded, members can post comments and set dependency of the task to other tasks.

cohuman tasks

CoHuman automatically generates task priority based on the due date of the task and its relative dependency on other tasks. Tasks that are due today have the highest priority and can be viewed by clicking on ‘Due Today’ in the left panel. All tasks that are due for all members and for all projects are listed in a new panel.

The professional version of the service gives users 10GB storage space and in addition to all features of the free version also allows Project Membership Control which restricts who can and can’t add members to the project. Tasks can be locked so that not everyone can edit them and members can export project data in CSV format. The professional version also comes with enterprise grade security and support responses within 24 hours from CoHuman.

While testing the service, I signed up for the free version but after a while it upgraded my account to the Professional one, I guess there are still a few bugs to work out here.

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