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Collaborate On Tasks & Ideas And Organize Your Workflow With Folderboy

FolderBoy is a web app that takes the simple idea of Folders and uses it to organize the product of your daily brainstorms and random ideas. Like organizing files in to folders, the app lets you create folders for different ideas and each idea becomes a note. Folders can be shared with your friends and you can collaborate on any idea right from the folder you’ve created. The app includes a chat feature allowing you to have live brainstorming sessions with anyone you choose.


The layout is similar to that of a typical email inbox; all chats and notes added by friends or colleagues appear in your inbox and as a notification next to the respective folder.

To add an idea, click on Compose Idea, to create a new folder, simply type the folder name in the Create a folder bar and hit enter. Ideas can be associated with folders when they’re added, ideas that aren’t associated with any folder go to the Unsorted folder.

FolderBoy Chat

Collaboration is done through live chat; to start chatting with a friend, you have to share a folder with them. Friends or colleagues will receive an invitation and will have to set up their account on Folderboy. Once they have an account set up, they can start chatting. Conversations stay organized because each conversation is associated with a folder. The app maintains a complete chat history so you can get back to a conversation any time.

The app is simple and effectively uses a concept that anyone who uses a PC is familiar with. The free version of the app allows you to add up to 400 notes, a premium version is also available for $45 per year.

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