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Comemories – Let Your Friends Add Photos To Create Group Album

We come across so many instances when we are simply unable to catch enough of the cherished moments in our cameras at a party, picnic, wedding, etc. Some very nice pictures are taken by our friends while we have some good ones that they wish to acquire. Making a unified album with different pictures from the same event isn’t easy when several people have different good snaps stored separately. Comemories is a web application that allows users to save their pictures to the Comemories website and allows anyone with the link to add more pictures to the photo album. This makes it easier for everyone in the group to add the best parts of a cherished memory together. Like weaving a net of the best moments of life with the help of your friends and family.

To create a new album, enter name of the album and click Create Gallery button. If you want to manage your albums, you will need to login with Facebook account, which requires granting access to Comemories to access your profile.

Editor’s Note: Logging in with Facebook is just required for Comemories to remember which album are yours. The developer grantees that nothing will be posted to your wall or interfere with your Facebook profile in any way.


After creating an Album anyone with the album link can drag pictures from their hard disk to add to the album. Therefore, it is necessary that the link of the created album is only given to your trusted sources. This unfortunately also creates a security void as there is no encryption or password mechanism to access the created album. Anyone with a Facebook account and a link to the album can add pictures to it. I hope that the developers of this application provide a password protected mechanism for the created albums in order to provide more privacy and security to user data.

image drag drop album

Once the album is complete anyone can download the entire album as a zip file from the album link. The album can also be shared to Twitter, My Space, Facebook, Google, Windows Live, etc. Comemories is the kind of application that envisions Google’s approach of cloud computing.  Nonetheless, this application and many like it should work on providing more enhanced security for the common user in order to allow users the privacy and confidence that they require in order to accept such applications for general use.

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