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CompareMyDocs – Compare & Merge Upto 6 Documents Online

CompareMyDocs is a brand new online service recently launched by NorDic River. The same guys behind the popular TextFlow service. So what does it do? It allows users to compare, recombine, and merge upto 6 documents quickly.



It can be useful for users who want to collaborate, since you can compare upto 6 different document versions. The differences are laid out clearly. Here is how to get it working, click each slot to upload the document, and hit Compare. At the moment it only supports Word(.doc and .docx) and Rich Text(.rtf) as input.

Compare documents

For testing purpose I wrote a single line in all 3 documents, each one of them having a small change. The result is neatly laid out as seen in the screenshot below.

doucment versions

You can edit the result by working on it, since it like an online text editor. Options such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, Redo, and change font size are also given. Once all final changes have been made, the document can then be saved back to desktop in .doc, .docx, or html format.

Overall, it is the best document comparison service to date which doesn’t even require any registration and is completely free.




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