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Connect With People & Find Local Workout And Fitness Spots [Web]

These days, any app that works on location-specific basis, that is, providing information particularly relevant to your current location, has more chances of becoming a hit among users. One such app, WorkoutSpotlets you discover exercise and fitness spots available in your area. Not only does it let you find a spot, but also offers powerful, yet extremely easy-to-use tools for scheduling classes. It allows you to sign up for them with just a click, without requiring you to make any phone calls or send emails. As working out with someone keeps you motivated, WorkoutSpots makes sure you can see which classes your friends have registered for, and vice versa, making it easier to sync your schedules and workout together.

You will find different categories on the homepage, like Find spots, Find classes and more. You can either search for spots by entering a Spot name, zip code, Distance and Class Type, or you can check out New Spots displayed at the bottom of the page.


Each spot offers you with a brief description, address, and what’s nearby. It also lets you view classes at the spot in a calendar that is shown at the bottom of the page.


Next, you can click the Find classes category and register for one. Once you’ve registered for a class, you can tweet about it or cancel your reservation.


All your registered classes are added to your personal calendar and you can also see who else is taking a class. Moreover, you can send messages to people if you want to coordinate classes with them.


WorkoutSpot is a free web application that lets you find the best spots and classes near your area. With it, you can connect with new local friends, and make your workout experience more enjoyable.

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