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Convert Any URL To Charlie Dickens’s Quote With DickensURL

With hundreds of URL shortner services popping up every now and then. And complains of why newspapers should stop using shortened URLs. One Reddit user nicknamed ‘highwind’ got inspired by another redditor’s comment and coded away a new URL service called DickensURL.

Unlike other link shortner services, DickensURL does not actually shorten the original URL. Instead, it converts links to passages from the works of Charles Dickens. Just enter the URL, hit Convert, and share the inspiring quote filled links with your friends.

DickensURL main

According to the developer, this service is using a total of 50 quotes from Charles Dickens. A random quote will be generated and converted to a link. If you want more quotes or features, leave a comment here. Since, it is still in early stage, you might find some bugs.

Some links can become rather large depending on the quote. Unlike other services, it was not build for sharing links on Twitter, so large links are not a problem elsewhere on the Internet. This service is the best example to date that mocks the URL shortner services. Enjoy!

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