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Cookie Monster Deletes Cookies In Firefox With A Single Click

Are you facing login problems with some web service? Perhaps, it is due to some inexplicable conflict among saved cookies which prevents you from logging into web app in question. What you, probably, need is to delete all the cookies which got saved in previous sessions, so that login information along with other preferences can be properly replaced. No matter which browser you’re using, there are few steps to be taken in order to remove cookies. Take Firefox for an instance, to quickly delete cookies, you would click Tools in menu bar followed by Delete Recent History, and then uncheck all other options except Cookies, and finally, hit Clear Now to remove recently saved cookies. Instead of following these steps, you can add Cookies Monster in your Firefox add-ons list. It is simple extension to delete cookies from the system with a single click, so you can quickly refresh the page to eliminate any cookie related conflicts.

It offer absolutely no options to set up nor it requires you to specify cookie removal process. It adds a small link at bottom-right corner of window, which when clicked shows an option to clear cookies.

clear cookie

A small message dialog box will appear, indicating that all the cookies have been removed.

cookie 2

According to the developer, the reason behind creating Cookie Monster was to give user a quick way for removing cookies. In the next release, the developer plans to add options to select those cookies which should not be deleted.

It works on all versions of Firefox, including Firefox 4.0.*

Cookie Monster Add-on for Firefox

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