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Copy Archive Creates Archived List Of All Copied Text In Firefox

While working on the Internet, we use the Copy function very frequently. The copied text saves itself to the clipboard and it is available for use only until you copy the next text entry to the clipboard. But what if you needed to make use of the text you copied an hour back, or maybe even a week back? Copy Archive, an extension for Firefox, provides a handy solution, allowing you to maintain an archived list of all important copied text.

The add-on is accessible from the right-click context menu. Whenever you copy some text that you would like to archive for future use, just highlight it, right-click, and select Copy to Archive. The selected text will then be stored to the archived list.


To recover the copied text, right-click and select Recover Data from Archive. You can also delete archived entry from the right-click context menu.


A handy Firefox extension for maintaining an archived list of all copied text; keep in mind though that URLs copied from Firefox Address bar can not be added to the archived list. Also, the archived list is deleted when you delete browser cookies.

It supports all versions of Firefox.

Download Copy Archive

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