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Create Audio Playlist From YouTube Videos With SongSprite

Wavelength.fm was a previously reviewed web service that let users create music rooms and stream videos from YouTube and songs from Grooveshark, the shortcomings of the service were that you couldn’t replay songs or save playlists. SongSprite is a web service that lets you create playlists by extracting audio from YouTube videos. If you frequently listen to songs on YouTube but usually minimize the window because you aren’t interested in watching the video, this service can save bandwidth, stream faster on a slow connection and of course you can share your playlist.


To hear audio from a YouTube video, copy and paste the URL in the bar and click Add . All videos are added above the player, you can drag & drop the videos to rearrange the order they’re played in and use the URL to share the playlist.

So, if you’re just interested in audio. why not just go to Grooveshark or some similar site? SongSprite is best used if you want to listen to an interview perhaps and aren’t interested in watching the video and also if there’s a clip that’s just meant to be heard (like Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech) on YouTube that you can’t find anywhere else in good quality, the service can be highly useful.

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