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Create Email Templates & Easily Send Repetitive Emails [Chrome]

If you regularly send loads of emails which consist of the same kind of information, then you need to check out ToutApp Extension for Chrome. This extension allows you to access different templates, and you can even create new ones for emails that you send regularly. In addition to that, it also scans every webpage you visit for e-mail links, making e-mail outreach super easy and fast. When you need to send similar emails, you can quickly use templates with the text, attached files and CC contacts. The free version allows for 25 emails per day, using 10 email templates. To start off, you have to sign up for Tout, and integrate your Gmail account.

Different templates can be added during start up. These templates are then displayed in Gmail when you compose a message. Click More to access all your templates, which will be displayed under the Tout toolbar in Gmail. You can also pick a category from the drop-down menu, and click Create to create new templates.


Tout lets you use any of your templates from within Gmail, and then you can Tout an email instead of sending it. This email is then sent to your Drafts folder and to the recipient. The Tout feature allows you to keep track of statistics related to your emails. Access the Tout app to view your different templates, and the related statistics for each template.


The extension also detects all the email links on a webpage, making sending emails easier and faster.


If you’re tired of sending similar emails to different people over and over again, ToutApp extension can come in quite handy. It quickly lets you send emails without creating and modifying each message every time. Grab the extension from the link below, and try it out.

Install ToutApp Extension For Google Chrome

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