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Create Free Professional Flowcharts, Sitemaps, And Diagrams Online With LovelyCharts

Do you plan to buy a software to make professional looking flowcharts, sitemaps, or diagrams? You don’t need to pay for it. LovelyCharts is a free online service that lets you make professional flowcharts, sitemaps, people diagram, network diagram, and some basic symbols. This powerful service is online and free, thus making it possible to do work from home and while traveling.

lovelycharts logo

Once you have registered(which is free), you will immediately see a welcome screen where you can be select what to draw.

lovelychart welcome

Creating diagrams and flowcharts is more easier than using commercial software, browse it for a few minutes and you will get used to it. You can draw, add text, insert icons and symbols, align, export and much more. Below is the screenshot of exporting a chart.

exporting chart

Below are some examples of people diagram and sitemap respectively.

lovelycharts - people chart

lovelycharts- sitemaps

There is also a professional version available for a price that allows you to manage and collaborate unlimited number of diagrams with full sharing functionality along with history management and notification setup. I highly recommend using this service for creating professional flowcharts, diagrams and sitemaps. Enjoy!


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