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Create Notes & Access Google Docs Through A Pop Up [Chrome]

Notebook Professional is a simple note editor that can be used to copy selected text from a webpage, create to-dos/notes or simply jot down your ideas for later use. With it, you can create, manage and organize notes with a simple, list interface. NoteBook Professional automatically saves the entered text along with the time and date, whereas notes that are created by selecting text and sending it to the extension view the context menu are saved with the first few words of the text as the title. You can also switch between the HTML and Visual Editor mode. You can clip both images and text, and open Google NoteBook, or Google Docs.

After installing the extension, simply highlight text and select the Clip Text to Chrome NoteBook option in the right-click context menu. This text will be automatically be copied to the pop-up. Similarly, you can copy images from the context menu.

context menu

You will find a number of buttons in the pop-up, for font family, font size, text color, hyperlinks, image options and more. These controls can be used to edit text any way you want.

visual editor

Additionally, you can create multiple notes and save them in a list that can be accessed by clicking the Notes List option. New notes can be created by clicking the (+) icon, while the (-) icon can be used to delete notes.


Moreover, you can easily switch between the HTML and Visual Editor mode.


While the extension links to Google Docs and Google Notes, the notes aren’t synced to Google Docs. The extension is in effect just an in browser note taking tool. Compared to the usual note taking extension that you find in the Chrome Web Store; two things make it stand out. One is the excellent editor that allows you to add images and links. You will find few other note taking extensions to have as rich an editor as this one. Second, the ability to add titles to notes is not often seen in Chrome extensions. While a feature to group the notes would have been something like the cherry on top, NoteBook Professional is still excellent without it.

The extension changes the way you work online, improves your productivity and lets you save ideas without fear of losing track of your thoughts or online progress. With it, you can keep track of all your tasks and access Google Docs with only a click or two.

Install NoteBook Professional For Google Chrome

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  • Lyra

    I had to restore my computer to factory settings and since the notebook is an extension to chrome I didn’t bother making a backup for it. I figured i would save like bookmarks. It didn’t and now I’m desperate for the information that was on it. Is there a way to recover it?