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Create Rich Digital Media Online With Cloud Canvas

Cloud Canvas is an HTML 5 based full-featured web application that allows users to create and save rich digital media content. The content created using this app can be saved as a PNG and in XML format (for importing and editing later on) in your Google Docs account. Cloud Canvas has a number of dynamic tools that can help developers create visually appealing imagery within a simplified user interface.

You can start by drawing your own art work by using the multiple pencil, brush, text, shape and other related tools on the main interface. Or you can simply import images from Google, Clip Art or DeviantArt via the Media window. You can also add rich media content to work and control the parameters via the Animations window. Cloud canvas has many handy tools to help you graft numerous kinds of shapes and diagrams to create your custom logos, presentations, page layouts, etc. Users can also work in layers which allows the developer a chance to produce a more vibrant output.

There is an option to save your content  to Google Docs which requires you to  link your Google account with Cloud Canvas. You will be prompted for an option to connect to Google when you try to save an image. In case you are not already connected to your Google Docs account you will have to allow access to save your work to Google Docs.

Grant access

Once you save your work in XML (Extensible Markup Language) format, you can later import this file to start editing your content from where you last left. Images can also be saved in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format.

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