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Create, Share And Collaborate On Your To-Do Lists With TODOFeed

Work, no matter how important or simple it is, will always be put off as long as it can by procrastinators worldwide. You can set alarms, highlight dates on calendars, or write something important and double underline it; but remembering to do something and then actually doing it isn’t always easy. TODOFeed is a web service that helps make those long lists of tedious tasks easier to remember. If you were to take out all the distractions from Facebook and Twitter and add to it a list of all the important stuff that needs to be done, you’d end up with TODOFeed. The service lets you add contacts (friends and family) to help you with tasks, it lets you add any number of ToDos, collaborate on tasks with friends and keeps you posted on what your contacts are currently working on for smoother collaboration.

TodoFeed wall

You can create an account or use Facebook ID to start using the service. You can share any one or all your plans with your friends and they can likewise share theirs with you. All changes to shared plans appear on your ‘Wall’. Plans are just another name for your todo things.

If it were Facebook, you’d be posting a status message but with this app you post what you’re currently working on. You can’t work on an entire plan; plans must be divided in to tasks and you can check which task you’re currently working on and those your friends are working on. Your current tasks appear on your ToDoFeed wall and your friends can see which tasks you’re currently working on.


To add a plan; click the Planning tab in the top navigation bar and enter a plan name in the ‘What are you planning?’ field, pick a date for getting the task done and enter a description. Tasks are added after a plan is created and both plans and tasks can be edited any time, any can start a shared or post a comment on it.

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