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Create Stylish Presentations Online With SlideRocket

SlideRocket Lite is the free version of the browser based SlideRocket web app which allows creating rich presentations. You can login with a SlideRocket or Google account ID to begin creating flashy presentations online. Unlike traditional presentation tools, it provides a number of interesting plugins that can be used for creating unique presentations. For example, you can use a plugin to give a snow effect your slide or add Twitter feed with the Twitter plugin. It contains almost all the features that you are likely to find in a desktop presentation applications. By using a number of stylish themes, you can promptly create quick and attractive presentations. Since using chart is the best way to summarize the presentation and to make it more interesting, it’s a host of chart styles which can be quickly inserted into required slides. You can also benefit from a number of font styling features, add videos and pictures to give the required look to your presentation. The best aspect of SlideRocket is that you can import presentations from MS Power Point and Google Docs to edit them with its native features and options.

To get started, you can either view a demo or simply login with your Google or SlideRocket account.

SlideRocket Library - Mozilla Firefox

After logging in, click on the New button to create a new presentation. From here, you can check out any previously saved presentations and edit them. You can also click on the Import option to import a Power Point or Google Docs file for creating a presentation.


It provides a number of themes to create a presentation. You can either use an available theme or click on Create New Theme to make your own theme.


The main interface has a number of dynamic options including charts, image, video, plugin insertion options, as well as customization options for text.

main Interface

You can create a number of slide and add media and charts to create a robust presentation.


SlideRocket has a number of unique plugins such as the Twitter and snow plugin. The former adds Twitter feeds to your slide whereas, the latter can give a snow effect to your presentation. Whereas, other plugins can add, stock quote, word definition and quotes to your presentation. Despite such great options, it does not allow exporting information in the free version. This version only allows saving, playing and editing the presentation fro within your account. However, this method can still be used to present a presentation via the browser. The paid version, however, supports exporting the presentation in a number of formats including PDF, PPT (Power Point Version), MAC version and Slide Rocket’s native version.


If you wish to create smart presentations from your browser, give SlideRocket a shot.

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