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Create Your Own Music Room And Watch Videos With Wavelength.fm

There are lots of services that let you share your playlist but few let you  create your own music rooms. Wavelength is a web service that lets you create virtual rooms (like chat rooms) where you can listen to music and watch videos by uploading them in any format or by linking to them from YouTube or Grooveshark. The service doesn’t require a sign up and anyone can join your room by entering the room’s name on the site. The service also has an integrated chat feature that allows you to chat with other people in the room. While signing up isn’t necessary, it’s a good idea if you’ve invited your friends to your music room and you want to be able to tell who’s who.


Getting started is simple; visit the site and create a room. Use the Upload button to add songs from your local drive or use the Link button to add songs from Grooveshark or YouTube. Share your music room’s name with friends so they can find it and join it. If you aren’t up for creating your own list, you can always join one of the existing rooms and check out what other people are listening to.

The drawback with the service; even though it gives you a list of songs you’ve played (if you’ve signed up for an account) it doesn’t let you replay them and you have to add songs again but it’s still good for small scale virtual party.

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  1. I like the interface, seems like your in a dark pub. I have been using it from a while now and as u said i am also irritated by the replay missing but still the service is good. Thank you for sharing.

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