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Customize Different Firefox Settings With Firefox Tweak [Extension]

Firefox Tweak is a small extension that provides a handful of tweaks that you can apply over Firefox with a single click. According to the developer, the focus is to bring those tiny yet useful tweaks which are not present in Firefox native Options, such as, enable / disable text blinking on web page and Favicon, disable highlighting complete URL in address bar when clicked, disable extension compatibility checks, etc. Firefox Tweak doesn’t forcibly reverse the default Firefox configurations, but allows you to enable only required options. For instance, if you’re using a low-end PC,  you may, sometimes, need to disable Prefetch option to let Firefox consume less RAM. You can easily disable it through Firefox Tweak extension rather than changing Firefox Prefetch settings from about:config page. Other useful tweaks are to paste clipboard content with middle mouse button and open search results from Firefox search bar in a new tab.

firefox tweak 1

After installing the extension, it’s advisable to change the default settings according to your requirements. Whether you select Firefox Tweaks Options from Tools menu or launch it from Extension page, either way you’ll end up having the main configuration window in front of you. All the aforementioned options along with other basic Firefox tweaks are available here. Once you’ve changed the options, restart Firefox to apply the tweaks.

It works with all versions of Firefox, including Firefox 4.

Install Firefox Tweaks extension for Firefox

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