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Customize Gmail Interface, Change Appearance, Links And Options With Gmail Minimalist

Gmail Minimalist is a brilliant Google Chrome extension which can change Gmail UI in every possible way. Be it main header that might be annoying you, button colors or font, Google bar which you wish to change, navigation controls that are to be re-positioned or footer that needs to be customized, Gmail Minimalist lets you tailor every bit of Gmail interface. If Gmail is your primary mailbox, you can deal with your favorite mail client as per your likings. Being efficient and quick in customizing Gmail options, it allows you to replace links and logo with customized ones. You can for instance load defined image instead of Google Mail logo, replace links seen at top with those you frequently visit, hide ads, search tools, chat feature and do much more.

After the extension is installed, main configuration page will pop-up immediately, allowing you to start customizing Gmail UI, options and links. All the Gmail elements are given in left sidebar while options of an element are shown in main window. With each option, there is an image attached to point out the element in question.  From General, you can enable customizing of buttons and then change buttons’ fonts, colors and toggle Minimalist Gmail options.

Minimal Gmail

In Notification window, you can let it show unread number of mails in favicon and configure desktop notifications. The Google bar can be set to always hidden or you can alternatively choose to change labels and links. Google User bar links and buttons can also be concealed from here, you can hide signed in and Labs icon and remove Settings, Help, and Sign-out links.

gmail 2

It caters to a lot more than we have covered above. If you’re an avid Gmail user, try it out to witness the level of customization it offers.

Minimalist Gmail Extension for Google Chrome

[via Lifehacker]


  1. Not every possuble way. I’d really like to make the reply panel easier to find and use either with a background colour, or surrounded by a background colour, and it can’t do that.

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