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Customize Google+ Bar In Google Plus With GTools+

While many of you may be thoroughly impressed with Google+ you may, at the same time, be somewhat disappointed at the lack of functionality that the new Google navigation bar gives. So, while you’re going crazy adding people to your circles and trying just about everything you can to migrate you entire existence to Google+, you might want to try GTools+. While it doesn’t let you open a portal into the Facebook realm and pull stuff in from it, it adds some functionality to Google+ itself. GTools+ is a Chrome extension that appends the Google bar to the top and keeps it there when you scroll a page, it lets you move the chat feature to the Google bar and translate posts to any language you want.

Gtools options

Once installed, you’ll have to define your preferences from the extension’s options. While the extension is built to work on all Google services, it functions best in Google+. Visit the General Options tab to change the position of the Chat feature and to append the Google bar to the top.

Google  chat

To select a translation language, go to the Google Plus tab in the extension’s options. The extension will add a translate option in the drop down menu for each post.

Google  translate

What appears to be unresponsive at the moment is the notification feature that allows you to view unread items in Gmail and Google Reader. This might be something to do with the Google bar itself or maybe the extension still needs a few tweaks.

Install GTools+ For Chrome

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