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Customize Google For Firefox

There are millions of users who use Google and it’s apps daily. CustomizeGoogle is a Firefox extension that allows a user to customize the way Google and it’s apps are displayed. You can remove ads, enable filters, use Google suggest feature, add links to other web search sites, and much more.

You will be surprised to find the set of options given for each Google service. Every service from Google Maps to GMail and News to Reader are given. You can even adjust the Google Cache, History, and Privacy settings.

customize google

If you use GMail, Google Reader, Calendar and other similar useful services, then enabling secure connection makes sense. With this add-on you can switch to https just by checking the Secure checkbox as shown in the screenshot below.

customize gmail

Every Google app has different set of options that you can tweak, for GMail you can remove ads, hide spam counter, hide quick contacts and invite box, etc. If you use Google and it’s various apps daily, then installing this extension should be your foremost priority. It will keep you both secure and enhance your overall browsing experience.

CustomizeGoogle Add-on For Firefox

It works on all versions of Firefox. Enjoy!

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