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Customize Web Page Size And View Options With NoSquint

NoSquint is a Mozilla Firefox extension that has even more enhanced features than Zoom Page (an extension that can set different zoom levels which was reviewed a few months back). NoSquint extension brings a few vibrant options, such as, to set custom zoom levels, add buttons to the browser for adjusting page size, custom text color options for webpages, the utility to disable images and much more.

After installing this extension you can adjust zoom levels from the buttons before the address bar and configure more elaborate options by clicking on the Zoom button on the status bar. It must be noted that the buttons will be added by default next to the search bar but can be moved before the address bar from View -> Toolbars -> Customize.


By clicking on this button you can access elaborate options that allow you to set a custom text color for webpages, a background color, the option to disable background images on websites, separate color selection options for unvisited/visited webpages, underline color selection option for links and configuration settings for zoom levels for the entire page and text. To return to default settings you can always click on the Use Default buttons, this will reset zoom levels for the entire page and text. The option of being able to set text size level can be quite useful for people with small screens and visibility problems. A similar option is also available in another Firefox extension called Minimum Font which we reviewed some time back, but it lacked the rich functionality options to customize page view settings like NoSquint. In order to select more customization options, you can simply click on the Global Settings button.


In the General tab, you can manage NoSquint history preferences, including the time frame after which you would like the settings to be refreshed for certain or all websites, and whether you would like to keep per site settings when Firefox restarts.

General Tab

The Zooming tab allows you to configure default zoom levels and shortcuts. You can also choose to apply these settings for entire pages or merely for text. The Colors tab provides the same options as the settings that pop up when you click on the status bar button.


The Exceptions tab allows users to add websites to exceptions. This feature controls how NoSquint distinguishes between different websites when you visit them.

Add Exception

NoSquint is a useful extension with quite dynamic customization options that can allow changing the entire webpage size and text with the option of highlighting different fields in custom colors and disabling background images. Nonetheless, we would recommend users not to use very dark colors or florescent colors when customizing webpage outlook as it might make them difficult to view.

Install NoSquint Extension for Mozilla Firefox

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