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DefinePlug: Highlight Words & View Definitions In A Compact Pop-up [Chrome]

The Search Google for option in the right-click context menu of popular browsers is a great way for looking up a word or a topic. The only problem is that it is more suitable if you want to find background details or a comprehensive summary of a term related to the topic you’re reading. If you quickly want to look up the definition of a word, you can still use this option but there are two disadvantages here; the definition might not be in the search results and you hace to switch tabs. DefinePlug is a Chrome extension that allows you to find the meanings of various terms and words on any website. With it, you no longer need to navigate away from your current webpage to find the meanings of different words. Whenever you want to look up the meaning or definition of a word, simply highlight it and click the button in the toolbar. As you do this, a pop-up will be displayed with multiple meanings of the word. In addition to that, users can simply click the button and enter a word in the pop-up to find its meaning. The meanings will be displayed right within the pop-up, without opening any tabs or new pages. The extension is powered by Abbreviations.com.

When you come across a difficult word or a word you’re not sure about, highlight it and click the button in the toolbar. The pop-up will instantly display a list of meanings.


Users can also enter a word and find its meaning by using the click here option.


The disadvantage, or rather the feature that should be in the extension but isn’t, is right-click context menu support. Users are in the habit of selecting and right-clicking text and searching it on Google from the context menu’s option. To have a similar option for the extension would have made it much easier for users to adapt to.

The good thing about the extension is that it isn’t just for selected text or a word that you come across on a webpage. Should you need to look up a word at random, the extension will work as a dictionary as well.

Overall, DefinePlug is an easy-to-use extension that lets you quickly look up meanings, without having to navigate away from your current webpage and that is one good reason to use it. The results are sometimes slow but reliable and accurate nonetheless.

Install DefinePlug For Google Chrome

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