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Delete Firefox Browsing History For Any Site While Preserving Cookies

In every internet user’s life a situation arises that calls for deleting a part of your browsing history. Lets say you want to erase all proof that you used Facebook at work or starred at Nyan Cat for a good three hours instead of working; you would either have to delete the entries one by one for each day, delete your browsing history completely or, if you use Firefox, you can choose to Forget about this site. These measures are either tedious or result in more than just history being deleted. Delete Site History is a Firefox extension that lets you clear browsing history of a particular domain from the right-click context menu without loosing cookies, passwords, form data etc.

Delete Site History

The extension adds a Delete History of This Site option when you right click an entry in the history panel. Click the option and confirm that you want to remove all record of your visit(s) to the site. Your cookies etc will not be lost so if you were to visit the site again, it will still have your email saved.

Install Delete Site History For Firefox

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