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Quickly Delete Individual Or All Facebook Messages With One Click [Chrome]

When we click the cross icon to the right of a Facebook message, it simply hides the message and adds it to the archives category. These archived messages then reappear when the same user sends us a new message on Facebook. When Facebook introduced the chat history feature, many people might have been thrilled that they would no longer have to remember what they were talking about yesterday. The slight problem is with where Facebook decided to save the history to – in our messages! Now, deleting the simplest smiley face message means selecting and deleting it.  This leaves important messages mixed with smiley icons. This whole process can not only take forever, but can be a real pain particularly if you’ve got tons of messages in your Facebook inbox. This is where Facebook Fast Delete Message, a Chrome extension, comes to the rescue. The extension adds a direct delete button to message threads, next to the useless Archive button, and allows you to instantly delete messages, without having to deal with confirmation prompts. Additionally, you can delete multiple messages from different people at once by clicking the Delete All button.

After you’ve installed the extension, you will notice that a new red (X) button is added right next to the Archive button, and a Delete All button is also added to the top of your Facebook Inbox. With it, you can quickly delete individual messages and bypass opening each one of them separately. Moreover, you can delete a list of messages on the current page by clicking the Delete All button, but be careful before when you do this, as no confirmation or warning message will be displayed. Consider moving an important message to another folder before you proceed with deleting a thread.

delete buttons

The extension seamlessly integrates with Facebook and works perfectly. It saves you from redundantly selecting messages as they load, and is a life saver for all Facebook users. Install the extension from the link below and enjoy a lighter message box!

Install Facebook Fast Delete Messages For Google Chrome


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