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Desktop Is A Firefox Add-on For Customizing New Tab Page

If you are a frequent user of Firefox, and need speedier access to your favorite websites, then you may want to check out Desktop. Desktop is a Firefox add-on that allows you to set web pages as thumbnails or widgets in the new tab page. You can place them anywhere on the page by drag & drop, and also create sub-folders. The layout you create will be displayed in every new tab you open. Visual effects can be applied by setting a background image for the new tab page in Firefox.

When you drag & drop the thumbnails, a grid is displayed, enabling you to neatly place the thumbnails at equal distances for a more decent look. A limitation for sub-folders is that you cannot name them, but an image can be  assigned to each in order to remember what the folder contains.

Desktop Grid

Desktop’s preferences allow you to set the background for the page and even clear it. The background images can be displayed in two particular styles: Stretch or Tile. You may also change the Grid Size, helpful for more accuracy when placing widgets.


Right-clicking the grid displays a context menu with the Add, Lock and Preferences options. Using the Add option, you can either add a Thumbnail or a Folder. A properties window is displayed, allowing you to enter the URL of any webpage you want to store, or select from the drop down list. You can also add Google search to the new tab page


This add-on is comparable with add-ons that modify the start page for Firefox. While such add-ons give you a defined layout to work with, this one will allow you to choose where an element appears. This means you will have to invest a little time setting the add-on up and customizing a new page to look and function that way you want it to.

The folder concept is definitely confusing; it appears to only add a folder called Desktop and this revert back to a blank new tab page questioning its purpose all together. The feature seems to be for adding  links to folders but sadly it doesn’t do that. Also, when thumbnails are added, if the user does not upload an image, the thumbnail for the URL takes very long to load and occasionally fails to load at all.

Desktop is a very useful add-on, providing quick access to your most-visited websites. It’s free and we verified it to work on Firefox 7.0.1.

Install Desktop Add-On For Firefox


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