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Develop And Upload Websites Online With ShiftEdit

ShiftEdit is an online browser-based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that packages multiple features for developing web pages. It supports website development in PHP, HTML, CSS and JS (Java Script). You can create, edit, and publish web pages, access and upload files through build-in (S)FTP client, and revise previously accessed/edited pages. It comes with couple of time-saving features like, code snippets and jump to line closing brackets to bring ease in coding.

To begin, head over to ShiftEdit (link provided at the bottom of the post) and login with Google Account credentials. The tabbed interface is divided into two panes, the left pane shows files and folders and from main window, you can perform basic operations like; creating & editing HTML/PHP/CSS pages, uploading files, etc.

You need to specify domain name and FTP username and password. From Site menu, click New Site and enter the required account details.


Click Save to view the web site directory listings in left sidebar. From main window, you can upload files and folders and create a new file by clicking the respective links.


It offers language syntax debugging in real time to let you comply with the syntax. The tabbed interface will let you work simultaneously on multiple pages to keep tab on different coding modules. Under Edit menu, you have all the useful editing options like; Balance Braces, Go to Line, Apply Source Formatting, and Find & Replace.


It also lets you bookmark pages. All the bookmarks can be accessed and managed from Bookmarks menu. Application and editor specific settings can be configured from Edit –> Preferences, you can change Tab size, Font Size, and apply different themes.


We have embedded the official video below demonstrating the usage in detail.

Visit ShiftEdit

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