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DevSearch: Search For Programming Technologies & Frameworks [Firefox]

DevSearch is an add-in for Firefox that provides numerous search features to make your web search easier. The add-in is specially designed for web developers, and gives programming technologies and frameworks-related search results from multiple popular websites. Apart from providing specified type of search results, it comes with a Magic Copy feature to quickly search highlighted word on the page. Moreover, it includes General, People and Technology search categories. Each category has different levels, such as level one, two and three etc., to help you customize the search results.

Once installed, it adds a toolbar underneath the address bar. This toolbar has a Magic Copy button, and drop-down menus for selecting search category and search levels. Just enter the query in the search field, or use the Magic Copy feature to automatically add the text you highlight on a webpage to the search field. Now, select the type of search and level, and then hit Enter. The results will be displayed from multiple popular search engines in separate tabs.

The Level 1 search basically displays search results from Google. Level 2 adds Wikipedia, while Level 3 shows search results from Google, Wikipedia and Yahoo. The People category also comes with the three levels, with search results form Peekyou, Google and Yahoo. The last category, Technology retrieves search results from Google, Stackoverflow, Google groups, Reference Manuals and Code Snippets.


Unlike normal Google search that returns 10 results, this add-in retrieves 100 search results at a time, however this feature didn’t work during our testing. Moreover, you can search for specific frameworks manual; just enter the name of the framework along with search keywords. The add-in also provides users with multiple keyboard shortcuts, such as Alt + Q for Magic Copy, Alt + K to focus the search box, Ctrl + Shift + E to close multiple tabs at once.

Install DevSearch add-in for Firefox

Update: As indicative from the comment below, the developer claims that the 100 results feature actually works, and was thoroughly tested. Our test-run did not support this claim, but it could’ve been a one-off issue, so we’d love if someone else can independently verify. Nevertheless, DecSearch is one useful add-on to have.


  1. I just tested it again and the 100 results work perfectly in Windows, Linux and Mac machines. Maybe the total search results for the keyword you entered were less than 100. Otherwise yes, it would definitely work.

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