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DocsPal Is Online Audio, Video, Image And Document Format Converter

File format converters aren’t hard to find, whether you want to convert images, documents or media files, you’ll find a long list of free online converters and DocsPal is one such online format converter. So if the internet is already fraught with file converters, what makes DocsPal stand out from all the others? The fact that it isn’t specifically for any one kind of file; it can convert Documents, video, audio, image, ebooks, and archive file formats. On the whole, it can convert 60 different file formats. The interface isn’t something you’ll fall in love with but it gets the job done.


The service can convert five files, each one of and to, a different format at the same time. It automatically detects the format of the uploaded file and suggests a format to convert it to. To pick a conversion format, simply click the dropdown arrow for all available formats. Click the Convert button at the lower left corner and conversion will begin. Once complete, a link is provided to download all converted files in a zipped folder (for multiple files only). Time taken to convert a file depends on the type and size of the file. Apart from converting files, it also allows you to preview document and image files, it supports 21 document types and 8 image formats.

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