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Download Files Directly To Dropbox In Any Folder & Your Email Inbox

We previously reviewed URL Droplet, an online service for downloading files straight to your Dropbox account without accessing either the website or your Dropbox folder. One of our readers turned us on to sideCLOUDload; a service that does all that and more. It lets you download files but also gives you the freedom to create folders to download them to or to download them to existing folders. It isn’t just meant for sending files to Dropbox but also to your personal email inbox. The service has a bookmarklet that you can use to easily send files you might have open in your browser.


Copy and paste the file URL and choose if you want to send it to your Dropbox folder to your inbox. Enter your Dropbox Email login and password and click submit. When you download a file to Dropbox, you can also specify a folder name where the file will be saved. You can add the name of an existing folder or create a new one. If you don’t specify a folder name, the service creates its own folder sidecloudload and saves files to it.

sideCLOUDload bookmarklet

sideCLOUDload also has a bookmarklet, simply drag & drop it to your bookmarks bar. Whenever you want to add a file to your account, copy the URL, click the bookmarklet and paste it in the dialog box that opens.

The folder feature gives it an edge over URL Droplet because you can organize files right from the service interface, you don’t have to worry that you’re slowly filling your Dropbox folder with lots and lots of unorganized files. The service also doesn’t save a history of files you’ve downloaded to your account and doesn’t keep you logged in to the service. You have to enter our login information every time but you can save if you want when you’re downloading multiple files.

The best part, the service page says ‘Currently Dropbox and Email’ for supported platforms which means we can expect more platforms to be supported soon.

Visit sideCLOUDload

Thanks Corey!

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