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Firefox 9 Available For Download, JavaScript Performance Increased By 20-30%

Firefox 9 is now available for download, with some huge performance improvements. One of the features Firefox 9 has introduced, is the Type Inference, which basically improves the JavaScript performance. This new feature can speed up the browser’s JavaScript performance by up to 30%, and comes with better integration with OS X and lots of stability enhancements. Also, many other stability enhancements and bug fixes have been added to the new version. Firefox 9 is not yet available through the official update channel, but you can easily download it from official Mozilla website.

The new version of Firefox comes with support for font-stretch, improved text-overflow and overall standards support for HTML5. Moreover, Firefox 9 also fixes several other CSS stability issues. It also offers Mac OS X Lion users with the new two-finger swipe navigation, and improved theme integration.


The added Type Inference feature significantly improves JavaScript performance by 20-30%, as compared to Firefox 8. Since the update to Firefox 9 is not yet available through the official update channel (going to Help > About in Firefox will still show Firefox 8 as the latest version, at least at the time of writing), you can either wait for it to become available, or simply download it from the Mozilla link given below.

Download Firefox 9


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