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Download Free Corporate Web 2.0 Logos With LogoInstant

Do you want to download some web 2.0 logos for your website or blog? One website I recently came across is called LogoInstant. They add one free professional web 2.0 logo which you can edit and use it in your own website or blog. These logos are 100% free and no registration is required.

logoinstant logo

You can search for logos by looking at Top Rated, Most Downloaded or you can simply click Browse to start searching for logos in their categories.

logo instant browse

When you click on a logo, it will show you a preview page where you can find comments and download the logo if you like it. It also displays the source that has been included.

nice logo

Click Download to begin downloading the logo. Keep in mind that all logo come in zip files, so make sure you have zip archive extractor installed in your computer. Enjoy The Happy New Year !

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  • I think you should note that even though you can download free logos from LogoInstant, you cannot use them for a business, or copyright them, and it is not a good place to find custom designed logos. For more information read LogoInstants own terms and conditions or to find out why you should not use a LogoInstant logo read this article:


    • Thanks for clearing this up a little. I didn’t read their terms properly. 🙂

  • I is not necessary to use the same logo. It could work as an inspiration for a better on or something along the lines