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Doxo Offers Paperless Billing And Account & Document Management

Living a life where you aren’t constantly filing away paid bills, warranties and receipts i.e. living a paperless life, is something that many people would like but the transition just isn’t as simple as the prospect is appealing. Doxo is a web service that aims to help you transit to a paperless life. The service allows you to keep track of multiple accounts and supports billing for several popular service providers that range from Internet, insurance and Banks to Mortgages. As for any old documents relating to payments or warranties; you can create virtual ‘files’ and upload your documents to them. Doxo acts as much like a platform for paying bills online as it does for storing your important documents.

doxo dashboard view

To begin, start adding accounts for different services that you use. The service has two folders already added for you; Receipts and Warranties. You can add additional folders as well as services.

doxo add folder service

To add a folder or a service, click Add next to File Cabinet on the left panel and choose what you want to add. Billing is restricted to services that have partnered with this service. For others you can only add accounts and maintain your information online. Doxo shows you services available in your local area based on the zip code you entered when signing up.

doxo connect service

For services that you can pay bills for through Doxo, you will see a Connect & Go Paperfree option. You can also add services that aren’t listed; search for the service that you want to add and if it isn’t available, you will be given an option to add a custom service.

doxo  spotify account information

For every account you add, you can save general information like username, password, phone number, addresses, email etc. or add custom fields for the information you want to save.

doxo  add file

To each account, you can upload any number of documents. Individual documents should be 10MB or less and no more than 20MB of files should be uploaded at once.

doxo filepile

To add files to a folder, click the Upload button on the top right of the app, browse and upload the file. Once the file is uploaded you have to select a folder to save it to. From the drop down menu, select which folder you want to save the file to and click File. Alternatively, if you click To Do the file will show up as a document that you have to follow up on.

The service is useful because as opposed to signing in to different accounts, you can use this one service to pay your bills for different services. It’s also a great way for storing your documents and cleaning out your drawer brimming with warranties and what not. The service also has an iPhone app that you can use to manage your accounts and upload documents.

DoxoDoxo files

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