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Drag & Drop Files From PC Or Web To Upload On Dropmark Sidebar [Chrome]

Dropmark Sidebar is a simple way to organize and collaborate in the cloud. This Chrome extension lets you drag & drop files right from your system or web to create an organized collection of files. Dropmark offers super simple drag-and-drop file sharing, where users can drag & drop files, images, videos and more. Moreover, the collection can be accessed from the sidebar, and a simple item with URLs and attachments can also be added to Dropmark Sidebar. To upload items from the web, simply drag and drop them onto the sidebar or the page.

As you drag & drop files, they will instantly be uploaded to Dropmark Sidebar. The page also displays an Add Dropmark option to the right of the page, which you can use to add an item with Text, URL and an attachment. Once done, click Dropmark this, and the item will be added to the collection.


When the button in the toolbar is clicked, the files are also displayed in a sidebar. Each file can be opened or deleted. By default, the first collection’s name is set as New Collection, but users can add multiple collections by clicking the + New collection option. Files can easily be uploaded by dragging and dropping them into the sidebar. As you do this, you will be able to see the uploading percentage under the file. When a file is clicked, it opens with a Download option. Simply click Download to save the file on your system. The extension allows you to access files from any computer at anytime.


Users should note that Dropmark Sidebar has a 250MB storage limit on free accounts, but it can always be upgraded. Dropmark Sidebar is an easy-to-use extension and can be installed from the link below.

Install Dropmark Sidebar For Google Chrome

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