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Drawpr: Drop And Share Files Without The Hassle Of Signups [Web]

Want to quickly share files without going through the whole e-mailing process? drawpr is a brand new file sharing web app that allows you to upload your files in only a few simple steps. Just drop your files in the bucket to upload them, copy the link and send it to anyone you want, or simply share on Facebook. drawpr is a quick and handy tool that makes file sharing, accessing and storing a lot more easier. No sign up is required, although the service does recommend it. Furthermore, you can make your files password protected.

You can either drag your files to the bucket, or simply click the bucket to upload files through browsing. Registered users have access to their files longer than unregistered members, and files not accessed for a maximum of 60 days are automatically deleted.


drawpr quickly uploads the files and gives you an option to share them on Facebook. Hopefully, more social networks will be integrated with the app in future.


This web app conveniently allows you to share and access files, and is completely free. Enhance your file sharing experience with drawpr, and check it out at the link below.

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