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DropboxDiff – Open File Versions For Comparison From Dropbox [Chrome]

Dropbox lets you share files with either a single person or an entire group. You can allow anyone to modify a file in a shared folder, thus making it easier to collaborate on a document. What isn’t as easy is comparing different versions of the same file. DropboxDiff is a Chrome extension that simplifies it. It connects with your desktop file comparison tool and lets you open any two versions of a text file for comparison without having to download both versions individually and open them manually from the comparison tool.

Once installed, you have to specify the file path for your comparison tool in the extension’s options. The path you specify must be of the EXE file and must be enclosed in double quotes. The extension was tested using the kDiff3 tool. As per the developer, the extension also works with FileMerge and TortoiseMerge. Path specified in the extension’s options was “C:\Program Files (x86)\KDiff3\kdiff3.exe”.

DropboxDiff Options

To compare two TXT files, go to the file’s Previous versions page from the file’s dropdown menu in the Dropbox interface. The extension will have modified the page so that there are a pair of radio buttons in front of each version of the file. The Radio buttons, which are mutually exclusive along the column (you can select only one radio button in the column), determine which side that particular version of the file will appear in your comparison tool, i.e. the left or the right.

DropboxDiff compare

If you haven’t already specified a path to your comparison tool, the extension’s option page will open instead. If you’ve already specified a path, the extension will open your comparison program and load both versions so you can compare files. The program itself will functional fully and highlight whatever differences it finds in the two file versions.


The extension saves you the trouble of having to download different file versions just to compare them. It saves the file versions in temporary files and opens them from there for you to compare.

Install DropboxDiff Extension For Chrome

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