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Earn Money By Hosting And Sharing Your Photos/Pictures

Are you a photographer who loves to share his photos? If yes, then you don’t need to sell your photos. ShareAPic is a service where you can upload your photos, share it across the web, and get paid. Yes it’s hard to believe that there is a service like this out there, all you have to do is upload and share it with the world, leaving the rest to them.

You get paid $0.22 per 1000 impressions, which means that if your photo gets 10,000 views then you get $2.2. This rate is more than what some ad networks will pay to their publisher according to ShareAPic.


All you have to do is upload you photos and share it with your family and friends, you can also share them on social network sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, among many others. And if you have a blog, you can also share your photos with your readers. There are almost 178,000 users who are sharing their pictures on this site and earning money at the same time.

shareapic main

This service is great for those who have tons of pictures to share. This can also come useful for social network application developers. Once you have earned more than $20, you can withdraw your money through PayPal. It’s that simple !

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