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Easily Access Tools Menu When Menu Bar Is Hidden In Firefox

Mozilla found a great way of hiding the menu bar in Firefox 4 by integrating all functions inside the orange Firefox button but the transition might not have been easy for users who frequently used the options in the Tools menu. If you still haven’t grown comfortable with the options in the minimized Firefox button and display your menu bar for the sake of using the Tools options then Tools Menu Button is a Firefox extension that will let you hide the menu bar and finally take advantage of the more minimalist interface. The extension adds a Tools button similar to the orange App button and gives you all options from the Tools menu that can’t be accessed from the Firefox button.

Tools Menu Button

If most of the extensions you use add options to the Tools menu, then this extension will let you access them easily without opening the Add On manager. You can customize the options that appear when you click the button from the extension’s options.

Tools Menu options

Install Tools Menu Button For Firefox

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