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Easy Group Photo Sharing With Yogile

Imagine an occasion where multiple people have cameras, and are taking photos of an event or a vacation. Ever tried consolidating all these photos in one place? You’ll get a headache trying to get people (friends, family, etc) to send the pictures to you by any means possible.

Yogile is a new service that provides ‘easy photo sharing’. It works on the premise that if multiple people have photos belonging to one album, then they should be able to contribute to it themselves instead of one person doing all the effort.

yogile album

To begin with Yogile, you need to create a new account first. Once you’ve logged into your service control panel, you can choose to create a new album, change your account settings or browse through public albums. An interesting feature of Yogile is the ability to set passwords for individual albums. Generally, all albums are considered public (but you get a unique identifier URL to locate that), but if you specify a password for any album, Yogile will mark it as private, making it accessible only for those that have the password.

While in photo viewing, the service offers various views, slideshow options, ability to download all photos as zip etc, the true power of Yogile comes affront in uploading to the same album. Once you create a private album that people can contribute to, there can be various means to add images. The most obvious is using the website’s own upload tool, but you can also add photos via email or MMS messages. To do so, simply send the images to albumname@yolgile.com and include the album password in the email/message’s subject or body. Yogile will take care of everything else for you.

yogile upload

With a free account, you get a monthly limit of 100MB, which can be expanded by upgrading storage (which costs $24.95 per year). Yogile feels like a welcome addition to the already powerful arsenal of photo sharing community, and we are certain to keep an eye out for this one.

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