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Easy Read Hides Links On Wikipedia & Improves Readability [Firefox]

Links in articles on Wikipedia are a great source for building knowledge, but while you’re reading an article, they can often distract you and make it difficult to focus on the actual content. Easy Read, a Firefox add-on, solves this problem and makes it easier to read Wikipedia articles by hiding links. Hiding the links makes it easier to focus on the content and avoid distractions. Users can easily show/hide links by clicking the button in the status bar, clicking the Show/Hide option the right-click context menu, or by using the Ctrl+Shift+Q hot key combination. Another great feature about the add-on is that, users can click hidden links when they want to find out details about a certain term or keyword.

Once you’ve installed the add-on, the page will automatically hide the links when it loads, and if you haven’t selected this option, then you can toggle the links on and off by clicking the Show/Hide option in the right-click context menu, clicking the icon in the status bar or by using the Ctrl+Shift+Q hot key.

showhide links

The add-on works perfectly, and hides all links in an article by converting them to plain text. If you hover your mouse over the text, a hand-selection tool appears over the hidden links. You can then click these hidden links in order to follow them.

Hide links

With the Easy Read Preferences, you can automatically hide links when the page loads. Users can also display the Show/hide option in the context menu, status bar and add a Ctrl+Shift+Q shortcut key to show/hide links.

easy read preferences

Reading articles on Wikipedia can sometimes be difficult, especially when they are cluttered with too many cross-linkings. Easy Read is a handy extension that converts these links to plain text, and allows you to focus on the content. You can visit the link below to install the add-on.

Install Easy Read Add-On For Firefox

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