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easyMath: Enter Mathematical Symbols On Any Website [Firefox]

Have you ever had the need to enter a mathematical symbol on a website when browsing the web? Perhaps some obscure Captcha required you to enter a lesser used symbol at some time or perhaps you work with online word processors and/or apps that do not have an option for adding any of these characters. If so, easyMath is a Firefox add-on that displays additional mathematical characters in a sidebar. It displays mathematical symbols that are in most popular fonts, allowing you to use these symbols from the sidebar on almost any website, without any problem. Once you’ve installed the extension, you can conveniently open the easyMath toolbar by pressing Ctrl+m combination, or click View > Sidebar > easyMath.

Once you’ve installed the add-on, hit Ctrl+Alt+M to open the sidebar with all the symbols. The add-on also has a toolbar button for toggling the side panel. The button has to be dragged out manually from the Customize window. The sidebar is divided into eight categories; Common (lets you enter commonly used mathematical symbols), Comparision (mathematical symbols such as greater than or equal too and their variations), Fractions (enter common fractions), Subscript (enter numbers in subscripts supports ‘n’ subscript), Arrows, Other (a mixture of greek alphabets used in statistics and other less common mathematical symbols like the under root sign), Greek letters (all letters of the Greek letter, 5 most commonly used ones are shown) and Specific (allows you to enter symbols in HTML or BBcode). To enter a symbol, select a text input field and click a symbol from the sidebar.

From the add-on’s option, you can choose which character categories should appear in the sidebar (you might not need all of them) and choose which letters should appear in the Greek Letters category. The Display tab in the options is for managing categories and Greek is for the letters. The ones that are checked are the ones that show up in the sidebar.


easyMath is a small utility that can garner the interest of particularly teachers and students. It offers users with a quick solution to enter mathematical symbols for study or research purposes. As opposed to digging around in character maps or having to copy and paste the symbol from on source to the field you want to add it to, this add-on is a much simpler solution. The add-on works smoothly, and can be found at the link below.

Install easyMath Add-On For Firefox

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