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Email Large Files From Your Desktop With Kicksend

Email attachments sizes are limited from the best services to the worst. While Gmail allows you to attach files of 25MB, you cannot send them to to any other account except to a Gmail one. With restrictions like these and the fact that file sizes are now only getting bigger, Kicksend offers you a viable solution. Kicksend is a web service that comes with an Adobe air based desktop application for Windows and Mac. The service can be used to send files of up to 150MB but the desktop application lets you send files of any size you want. You can add contacts or import them from Gmail. Files that you send as attachments are uploaded to the service, a link to the file is sent in the email for the recipient to download from. All files that you upload are deleted automatically after two weeks. The desktop application only allows you to send or download files, to add contacts you will have to use the web interface.


Create an account or connect to the service with Facebook, Download the desktop application and use your Kicksend account to log in. You can start sending files immediately; simply drag & drop them, enter the recipient’s email address, a message and click Send Files.

kicksend desktop notification

The files are sent automatically when they have uploaded and the application gives you a desktop notification. The application syncs your contacts so that you don’t have to enter email addresses repeatedly. Just start typing in an address and the dropdown will list all matches.

kicksend sent files

You  can send multiple files and your recipient will be emailed a link where they can download the file within two weeks.

Kicksend web app

The web interface of the service is similar to the desktop application with the addition that all files sent to you by a contact using this service will appear in your inbox.

Kicksend add contacts

To invite friends or add them as contacts, click the Add button next to Friends in the left panel or the Invite button on the top bar. You can invite friends by entering their email address, or by pulling their contact details from Facebook or Twitter. Anyone that you email using this service is automatically added as a contact.

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  1. The desktop app from http://www.yousendit.com can do this too. Had it once on my pc, a couple of years ago. Just had a quick look at their website and they still offer the same service.

    I have a question: I still use XP and was wondering if there is a plug-in or something so i can do the same but from within Outlook Expess. I don’t wanna use a special desktop app for mailing bigger files.

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