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Enable Functional Table Of Contents For Any Website [Chrome]

Websites today aren’t all text; the content we see online is a good mixture of both images and words. Both elements are inseparable when it comes to good content and to be perfectly honest, the internet would be less interesting without pictures. The only slight problem is that sometimes these elements tend to clutter pages or make them very long. Just going through the home page of a popular website can be a trail on your reading and comprehension skills. When browsing through blogs and content-rich websites, how many times have you actually read everything?  People generally skim through items until they find the right thing to read. TableOfContents is a Google Chrome extension that makes navigation of webpages easier by allowing you to toggle the Table-of-Contents (ToC) for the said page. It creates an expandable Table-of-Contents list, which conveniently allows you to access the headings of lengthy articles. Clicking on a particular heading highlights it, and the webpage content is navigated accordingly. TableOfContents gives users a overall view of what a webpage consists of, rather then displaying selected parts.

Once the extension is installed, a button is added right next to the URL bar. Whenever you come across a huge website, simply click this button to enable the TableOfContents view. Contents are listed to the left of the page, whereas the webpage will be displayed to the right. Headings are highlighted when clicked, and webpage content changes accordingly. With this extension, you no longer need to scroll down long webpages and look for your favorite articles. Simple click a heading and start reading. You may also change the width of the Table-of-Contents panel, and the area occupied by the webpage.


To gouge an idea of how this extension works or what you can expect in the Table of Contents, remember that only links will appear there. The ‘sections’ of any website are distinguished by links. For articles that you find online, ones that have simple HTML headings and no links, you won’t see any headings. Perhaps an option to detect HTML headings should be opted and the user be allowed to choose what types of headings should be listed in the Table of Contents.

This extension might prove particularly useful for students who read lots of research papers online. It quickly lets you find your desired content when you’re short on time, or in a rush. Grab it from the Chrome Web Store link below.

Install TableOfContents For Google Chrome

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