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Encrypt And Password Protect Sensitive Information In Your Emails

Disseminating sensitive information online isn’t easy and many people use different techniques to mask the content of private messages. Some might give dummy names to files or send them as zipped attachments but needless to say these measures don’t provide much security. Large companies might resort to other more expensive ways of securely transmitting sensitive information but a simple solution comes from Encipher.it which allows you to encrypt text on the AES encryption standard and protect it with a password. Recipients of encrypted messages will need the password to read your message.


Encrypting messages is easy; drag & drop the bookmarklet on the site to the bookmarks bar (for Chrome and Firefox) or add the site to favorites (for Internet Explorer). The service will encrypt any text you’ve entered in an input feild, click the bookmarklet, enter an encryption key (password) and click encrypt  and hit send. The recipient will receive the encrypted message and can decrypt it by clicking the bookmarklet. The recipient will be prompted to give the encryption key that you entered to decrypt the message on their end.


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[via Lifehacker]

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