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Enhance Gmail Interface & Map Mailto Links With Gmail In Chrome

Enhancements for GMail, a Google Chrome app, adds some useful features to the new Gmail interface. When installed in Chrome, this app lets you see the number of unread messages in favicon, and all mailto: links in any webpage get mapped with the compose new message page in Gmail. Furthermore, it highlights rows when you hover over them, and shows attachment icons specific to the type of the attachment. In addition to that, the tab title is modified, so the unread message count can be viewed first. You can change all these settings from the Enhanced GMail options. Read on past the break to find more.

The Gmail tab shows the number of unread messages in its favicon, so you’ll always know when you have a new message. It also highlights rows when you hover your mouse over them. Also, all mailto: links open in Gmail when clicked.

Enhancements For gmail

Enhanced GMail Options allow users to enable or disable different features, like Open mailto:links in Gmail, Highlight rows on mouse hover, Show Unread Message Count on Favicon and See unread message count first on Gmail tab title features. Once done with the settings, click Save, and you’re good to go.


Regular Gmail users should definitely install this app, as it enhances Gmail with quite some useful features. It should be noted that most of these features can be enabled in Gmail through Labs as well, but having one simple app do it all is a definite ease. For those that don’t like to use different Google Mail themes but are mostly dissatisfied with the new design will appreciate the highlight feature more than anything.

There are still some flaws to the extension; the tab count only shows unread messages up to 99 and if you’ve got over 100 unread items, the tab will read 99+. The extension appears to work fine even if you have a Gmail theme installed. Grab the app from the link below.

Install Enhancements For GMail For Google Chrome

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