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Enhance Speed Dialing In Chrome With Speeddial 2

How in love are you with Chrome’s speed dial feature? If you think it can’t get any better than having thumbnails of eight of your most visited sites on one screen, think again. Speeddial 2 is a Chrome extension that lets you add at least 20 sites to your speed dial, access your bookmarks and browsing history from an auto hide panel on the right side, customize the appearance of the dials and give you stats of your browsing history. Sounds good?


Speeddial 2 not only makes it speed dialing in Chrome easier but it also gives you more accessibility to your apps, bookmarks and browsing history. You can choose how many site thumbnails will appear in each row, how far apart they’ll be spaced and what color will appear in the thumbnail background. The extension also lets you add your own CSS code for customizing the way your dials appear. You can customize the background image from the backgrounds available in the gallery or link to an image uploaded online. Apps can also be positioned for better accessibility on either the top or bottom of the window, you can choose the size of the app icon and the style of the app bar.

All settings that you make for the extension can be exported to another PC through the extensions’ import/ export option. You can sync the extension itself with Chrome sync and settings (styles, background images and preferences) can be exported using the extension’s export feature.

The extension lets you customize practically everything that you’ve added to your Chrome browser and add more functionality to it. It also gives you stats based on your browsing history so you know how many times you visited a site for that day and which are your frequently visited sites based on your entire browsing history.

Install Speeddial 2 For Chrome


  1. Why can’t Chrome make Speed Dial simple (or is it that they make it too simple)?
    Speeddial 2 not only makes it speed dialing in Chrome easier? Come again? At least in v1 you didn’t have to manually add all the info, and you could assign a shortcut, but it still refuses to add some sites. V2 is gone, I’m back to V1 & much less frustrated, though still a bit frustrated, this is Chrome after all.

    Opera’s speed dial is simple & easy, Chrome seems like Google enjoys watching people try to figure things out because to them “simple” means not intuitive.

    Chrome is my least favorite web browsers, but there are times when I have to use it to access some things that specify Chrome browser only (which I REALLY hate).

    Actually I refuse to install the official Chrome, and prefer SRware Iron (Chrome for those who like their privacy) for MANY reasons.

    • JB lets just admit that Chrome really has created a difference, things that were being used already Chrome has reinvented stuff in a very nice way that is more user friendly and attractive. Lets forget the past and its time to move on dude, no offence but you really need to open up for the change 🙂

    • If you hate Chrome so much then why did you just read a blog post about it and then write a long comment about it which was just a bunch of rubbish ??

  2. Wow, this is exactly what I have been looking for. I love Chrome, but I prefer Operas speed dial. Not anymore!

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