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Explore Planets & Juno In Interactive 3D With Eyes On The Solar System

Want to explore the solar system in a 3D environment with active visualizations? Eyes On The Solar System is a web app created by NASA to help you learn more about the solar system. The app basically has two main parts, Juno Mission to Jupiter and Explore the Solar System. It offers a wide variety of controls and the visualizations are all in 3D, letting you select planets and view the solar system. Camera controls such as zoom in, zoom out and ride-along view make the app even more interactive. Juno and the science of Jupiter category lets you visualize the atmosphere, interior, magnetosphere and aurora of Jupiter, whereas the Juno Spacecraft allows you to learn about the details of design and instruments of the mission.

First, the website will prompt you to install the unity web player plug-in. Once done, you will see four basic options at the top of the page, Home, Juno and The Science of Jupiter, The Juno Spacecraft and Mission. Juno has multiple views such as At Juno, At Earth, At Jupiter, At Moon and several others. You can view Juno in different modes by accessing the blue bar displayed under the 3D image, consisting of Launch, Deep Space Manoeuvres, Earth Flyby, Jupiter Orbit insertion, Period Reduction Maneuver and End of Mission.

Juno spacecraft

The second category, Juno and The Science of Jupiter allows you to learn details about Atmosphere, Interior, Magnetosphere and Aurora of Jupiter. Followed by this is The Juno Spacecraft that lets users understand the spacecraft’s design and instruments, such as Solar Panels, Antennas, Junocam, Waves and others. Each instrument is explained in detail, along with a 3D view of the instrument.


Mission allows users to learn about the Juno mission’s phases, orbits and cruises. In addition to that, you can view the mission events like Launch, Jupiter Orbit Insertion, End of Mission and more. Finally, you will be able to visualize and learn about the Orbit design, Cruise to Jupiter and the Prime mission.


Next, you can also view the solar system. You can view and change the Destination, Date & Time, Speed & Rate, Multimedia and Visual Controls. Destination consists of Solar System, Sun, Planets, Moon, Dwarf Planets and so on. Select any one of them to visualize in 3D. Furthermore, you can speed up the time to see the motion of the planets. Visual controls offer different views such as zoomed-in, zoomed-out and ride along view. You can also choose to display Planetary Bodies, Labels, Orbit lines and so on.


This web app of NASA’s is a highly informative, not to mention interactive, tool, particularly if you’re interested in the Juno space mission, or the solar system as a whole. It offers users with extensive and detailed information about the Juno satellite and planets of the solar system. Fly the space as the craft travels, and drop us a comment to let us know what you think.

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