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Extend Element Functions Of iFrame In HTML With FrameExt

FrameExt is an add-on for Firefox to control embedded iframes in a web page. If you haven’t heard about iframe (Inline Frame) before, it is a simple HTML element which is being widely used to define or single out a section present in HTML file. Anyone can either enclose one complete HTML file in an iframe or define a new content for each iframe. Since it is commonly used to place an external HTML file in a web page with defined height and width, you may want to tweak certain attributes. FrameExt not only allows you to change frame size but also lets you adjust iframe size to fit its content, merge iframe content with the page’s content, bookmark frame, and change iFrame URL.

Once the add-on is installed, you can start making changes to iFrame attributes from right-click menu. All the aforesaid features along with options to remove frame, show only this frame, open it in a new window/new tab, and view frame source or to print source, can be accessed from its menu.

iframe 2

As far as usability goes, sometimes we encounter problems with iframes loading in a web page, with FrameExt, you can easily merge or reload the frame content to at least have a look at its content or to access contained sources. It works on all Firefox versions, including the latest Firefox 4 Beta 8. We tested it successfully on Firefox 3.6.

FrameExt for Firefox

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