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Extend Search Engine Options In Firefox With Advanced Search

Sometimes it can be hard to get a valid result for a search criteria even from Google. This is particularly the case when we attempt to search files related to a specific program such as a MS Word Document. Advanced Search is a Firefox extension that enhances the search criteria to allow search engines to specifically search for certain program formats and websites. Advanced Search extends the functionality of added search engines in the Firefox Search bar by adding additional features to them.

After installation, extra features are added to the default Firefox Search bar. After specifying an added search engine users can select a specific program from the question mark imaged drop-down menu. This enables restricting the search to numerous formats including Video, PDF, Word, Power Point, Excel, Google Earth Kmz, image files, etc.

Advanced Search

Users can also specify whether they wish to perform a website specific or Internet specific search. It also supports use of a preferred browser language (as long as search engine supports it).

Internet , Website

A search can also be performed for highlighted text via right click context menu. This makes it even easier to find results according to a specific criteria. Use of HTTPS for “Google SSL beta” and “Ixquick” is also supported for enhanced security.


Some pre-registered hotkey combinations can be used to perform the following functions;

  • F7 opens search mode menu (Where you can choose your search to be website or internet specific).
  • F8 opens file type menu (To choose a supported file type).

This extension requires Firefox 3.0 – 4.0b8 to work and is incompatible with other Search bar manipulation extensions.

Install Advanced Search extension for Mozilla Firefox

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