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Facebook Phishing Protector Notifies You Of Potential Scams [Firefox]

You might think that no one on earth could be dumb enough to fall for those Facebook scams, at least no one you know that is but recall to yourself that famous line from Men In Black ‘A person is smart. People are dumb’. There really isn’t much to stop anyone from clicking on a link that a whole bunch of other people are clicking as well. You might click the link by accident, you might think just clicking the link won’t make any difference because you aren’t sharing anything or you might not be able to resist knowing what ‘HaHa… I would hate to be this person. Talk about embarrassing’ page is really all about. Facebook Phishing Protector is a Firefox extension built to protect you from such scams. It tells you when a page is trying to run a script on your Facebook account or when a site poses as Facebook when it really isn’t.

Facebook Phishing Protector enabledThe extension becomes active when you open Facebook, you don’t have to be signed in, once you visit the page, the extension starts monitoring pages. It will go so far as to detect if another extension is tweaking Facebook for you and will notify you.


Once logged in to Facebook, the extension checks each page you load i.e. when you visit a friend’s profile or a page the extension checks the nature of the link. Additionally, it also checks external pages that you visit by clicking on a link from inside Facebook to ensure you aren’t about to become the victim of a Phishing scam.

Facebook Phishing Protector

While it may be annoying that the extension keeps popping up, remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry. The extension can stand some improvement so that users can allow certain scripts to run without setting off the extension.

Install Facebook Phishing Protector Extension For Firefox


  1. No I’m sorry but it doesn’t work at all. 🙁 Tried it, and I even created another facebook account to make sure and click some popular Facebook scams but it didn’t stop me or prevent me at all from clicking the “continue” button.

    • @Christian:

      Go to the add-on’s website and read the description there, since the info provided here isn’t accurate at all.

      The add-on is designed to protect you from those kind of scams designed to steal your Facebook account, posting spam using your name, or to spread the scam itself by posting in walls being logged in with your account.

      So… it protects you against the *dangerous* scams, it does not care about those “scams” whose creators only obtain benefit from page views (aka CPM)

      Hope that helps.

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